Turnover of P200K donation to PID scholarship fund

Turnover of P200K donation to PID scholarship fund

2018-09-04 08:41:35

Teaching children with special needs is no child’s play; it is a specialized field that demands specialized training, both intensive and extensive, and specialized teaching devices. Such training and such devices cost a tidy sum. Which explains why special schools, such as the Philippine Institute for the Deaf (PID), charge more than regular schools do. This poses difficulty for poor parents of hearing impaired children.

Early on, PID found a way to help these parents and see the kids through school, year by school year: by tapping organizations to contribute to a scholarship fund for needy students. One such org is RC Makati.

Last August 8, Pres. Fred Pascual, together with PP Cesar Campos, the Club’s main PID advocate and benefactor, and his daughter, Maribee Campos-Lamers, paid a visit to the school in Pandacan, Manila.

There was a more important reason for the visit: to deliver to the school a check for P200K, the Club’s contribution to the scholarship fund. Ten 12th graders are the RCM scholars who will benefit from the donation: JV Cielos, Danzel Diego, Marjobelle Anne Estrologo, Constantine Eumague, Irhyl Veniesse Ludovice, Daryl Gio Piloton, Geraldine Rasgo, Ethan Ross Rivera, Jannah Victoria Sebastian, and Gerald Kirvy Tejada.

To show appreciation for the Club, the students prepared a program which included a dance number by the RCM scholars and a poem by a personal scholar of PP Cesar. They also prepared a birthday message set on a tarpaulin, and a cake, for First Ann Menchu Pascual, who celebrated her birthday on August 10.

Ms. Maricris Ibayan, school principal, thanked the Club for its continuing benefaction.